Cave Creek Chapel's Music Package 

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Cave Creek Chapel's
Wedding Music Package 

Cave Creek Chapel is an elegant, rustic wedding chapel that provides the most intimate setting for couples to marry their best-friend. Our venue has acoustics that any musician would appreciate, so why waste the space by playing your wedding ceremony music from an iPod or CD? Cave Creek Chapel now provides brides and grooms a hassle-free music package that gives you live, acoustic music that will leave you and your guests in awe.  We have spent ample amounts of time searching for the perfect musically talented duo to fit your intimate wedding.

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Benefits of Cave Creek Chapel’s live music package:

  • Versatility – Our professional musicians have trained for years on their craft and can add that atmosphere at your wedding with their playing.

  • MemorableCave Creek Chapel’s live music provides a more emotional experience to your wedding day and for your guests. Nothing resonates louder than hearing your favorite melodies live as you walk down the aisle, or a live guitarist playing your first dance at the reception.

  • Quality - Our venue already sets a romantic setting, and with a live musician it immediately brings up the level of elegance and sophistication.

  • Reduce Stress - Our music package is highly recommended to reduce technicial difficulties and awkward pauses caused by audio playlists. Our talented musicians are experienced and know how to save a moment and keep the audience oblivious to any mess ups.

What to look for in wedding musicians, that the Cave Creek Chapel can provide:

  • Educated, literate musicians who are trained and can read music;

  • Dress and presentation;

  • Depth, diversity and authenticity of repertoire;

  • Performance philosophy (it is not about the musician’s personal preferences, they must truly enjoy many styles and pleasing people;

  • The client/audience dictates what is played;

  • A demonstrated understanding of the business model;

  • An ability and desire to communicate effectively with people; to emcee tastefully, read and bond a crowd, and facilitate the event’s progress.

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