“Cave Creek's Historic Chapel”

The pews in the Cave Creek Chapel are the original pews from an 1857 historic church- St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Baltimore, MD. The pews themselves were all hand made, planned and sized per the specific location in the sanctuary. Many of the original nails remain in the wood.

Chapel Pews

Before becoming the Cave Creek Chapel in 2014, it was known as the First Baptist Church of Cave Creek. The following is a brief history – as told by Joan Leander, wife of (late) Rev. Dale R. Leander


1963-1964:  A small mission was established in Cave Creek, AZ. James Barber may have initiated this.

1965-1967:  The mission continued with Rev. George Pannel’s services with financial help from other churches (possibly Sunnyslope First Baptist).

1968-1969:  Richard Passart was interim pastor, helped by Rev. George Pannel.

1970-1971:  Rev. Harlan Bower continued the mission.

1972-1983:  Rev. Emery Fagerlie began his ministry. He faithfully served the church until 1983 in addition to having a full time job. Emery’s wife Billie faithfully served with him.

1984:  Rev. Dale R. Leander served part-time while teaching Bible at Phoenix Christian High School.

1986:  Rev. Leander became the full-time minister until his retirement in 1997.