Top 8 Stress-Free Tips For Brides

There is a lot of wedding advice being thrown around, from cutsie blogs to elegant magazines. Here are a few must have tips that will help brides pull of a stress-free wedding!


  1. Mother Earth does not like to be ignored. Take notice to the weather on your special day. Guests have been known to skip out early from a hotter-than-hot summer wedding, especially in Arizona. And if you decide to have a sunset wedding, take a look at and make sure you know when the perfect time is to say your vows.

  2. Vendors always know best. Good vendors tend to have connection to other good vendors, take note. Who knows, maybe they will be able to pull some money-saving strings for you?

  3. “Freelance photographers”. Assign a few people at your wedding to take as many pictures as they can! The photographer you have hired for your special day will take gorgeous shots, but it’s always fun to have crazy (out of focus) pictures to laugh at later.

  4. Face it, you’re not the D.I.Y. kind of chick. Examine your own abilities with a critical eye. (Just because another woman has done it themselves, doesn’t always mean you can too.) Think to yourself before committing to a D.I.Y. project, “Is this worth my time?”. If not, pay someone who is artistic to do it for you.

  5. Being a focused and organized bride doesn’t mean you’re a bridezilla. Take advantage of those old school supplies laying around the house! Use a three-ring binder to keep records of vendors, vendor meetings, and photos or tear sheets from magazines. You may also look into setting up a special email address dedicated to your wedding, this way you won’t miss a memo!

  6. Sometimes tardiness does pay off. Last-minute planning is frowned upon in our culture, but sometimes it can work in your favor. The closer your date, the more you will be able to bargain! Most brides book their wedding vendors months in advance, calling for open dates one to two months prior to your date can save you money.

  7. Prepare for heartache. Keep in mind, almost 30 percent of the people you invite to your special day will not attend. Many factors are involved, depending on the location of your wedding, how many of your invitations go to those who live out of town, and the timing of the event.

  8. Don’t write thank you letters. Do you have a large registry? Do not write thank you letters ahead of time. Whether you are thanking them for gifts or for their hard work; until your big day is all over you really can't get your head around who has helped you in ways that really need to be acknowledged more than the toaster you may receive.

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