Plan Your Perfect Summer Desert Wedding

Arizona’s summer season is right around the corner, and If you are a bride looking at wedding venues, then you’d better expect warm-weathered nuptials.  Cave Creek Chapel is an excellent summer venue choice that provides an indoor wedding ceremony with central air conditioning to help keep your guests cool and comfortable.

Here are a few extra “cool” tips for a guaranteed flawless summer desert wedding:

  • Time your wedding ceremony and reception!

Depending on the time block reserved at the reception, Cave Creek Chapel recommends a sunset ceremony.  Not only is it one of the prettiest times of the day, it is also when the temperature starts to cool down.  By the time the ceremony is over, you and your guests will be able to keep the celebration going at a much cooler hour of the day/evening.  A great way to time your ceremony out, is to check with your wedding dates previous year's sunset time.  Make sure to get with your photographer, and discuss what time he or she suggests as well for photo opportunities with lighting.

  • Sunny day themed wedding!

Encourage guests beforehand to wear their adorable, light sundresses to the wedding. Guests love themed weddings, and remember; the brighter the sun dress, the more eye catching the photos!

  • Ice cream and cocktails!

Always a cute idea, have mini cups of ice cream, or delicious iced cold cocktails awaiting the guests before the ceremony. Don’t be afraid to mIx it up and customize your wedding. Guests will love the mini treats welcoming them to the wedding ceremony after their warm walk from the parking lot.

  • Restroom kits.

Set up a fully stocked restroom kit and your guests will be prepared for any Murphy’s Law moment: red faces from the heat, dry summer hands, achy walking feet, or red-wine fashion emergencies. 

  • Paper fans.

Summer weddings are especially beautiful, but they can also be uncomfortably steamy. To keep your guests from overheating during their short commute from the parking lot, pass out handmade fans. Your guests will be especially grateful.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below and begin planning your dream summer desert wedding with the help of Cave Creek Chapel!