Top 4 Tips that the Cave Creek Chapel Can Give, from Experience

At the Cave Creek Chapel, we have seen it all. This is why we have taken a few moments to write down four top priority things that brides should take into consideration before their big day! Read the words written by Maggie and Tatum, and apply them to your wedding planning.


1. Take your time shopping for your perfect wedding dress.

Brides, remember that it takes about 6 to 12 months from the moment you place the order to when you can take the gown home. Once your dress comes in, it will need to be altered, and tailored. Take your time finding the right dress, but make sure you give yourself that time during the wedding planning process to avoid stressing out!

2. Focus on how the dress fits you, not the size on the tag.

Find a dress that fits your body now, and do not stress about ordering a size you “think” you will be on your wedding date.  Sometimes brides have a goal weight they want to drop and it can be unrealistic.  Order the dress size you are now, start your bridal boot camp diet if you choose and then have the dress altered as you get closer to the date.  It is a lot easier to have a dress taken in, and some dresses may have special fabric that could take months to order if it needs to be taken out.  The Chapel has never seen a bride with a poor fitting dress (knock on wood), take our advice, you won’t regret it.

3. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again - and again; Do your research, ladies!

Before you make an appointment with a bridal boutique (or venue,florist, etc.) , take your time, ask for recommendations of where to start and read the reviews.  Come prepared and research your favorite styles, designers from magazines, Pinterest boards, and Instagram.  This will help the dress consultant show and recommend dresses for you to try on.  Brides, your resources are endless, take advantage and ask the Chapel for a list of recommended vendors to help plan your perfect day!

4. Pack an emergency bridal kit

Before your big day, prepare an emergency bridal kit for any situation that may occur.  Have a bag of extra undergarments, toiletries, hair products, and snacks. I will never forget a bride’s fake eyelash was falling off, and no one had emergency eye lash glue.  ALWAYS prepare for the “just in case” moments