Six Things a Bride Can Do to Create a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day is filled with many significant moments, but the wedding ceremony is the pinnacle of the entire celebration. Whether you're having a religious or secular service, your wedding ceremony is your chance to express who you are as a couple; here are a few tips to creating a more meaningful wedding ceremony:

  1. Include your love story. A wedding ceremony is an intimate time where a couple and their guests are united during such a special event. Incorporating your love story will be the highlight of your ceremony. Talk with your minister or officiant about custom tailoring the wedding ceremony to include your silly or sappy love story.

  2. Love sealed time capsule. Writing letters isn't just for guests who can't attend the wedding; you can also invite any guest attending to write you a note that'll be read on your first anniversary. The letters can include well wishes, advice for married life, favorite memories of you two together, or anything else they’d like to include. This is a very fun idea for you and your guests!

  3. Set the mood with aisles lined with led candles. The most intimate and elegant decor you can add to your wedding ceremony are lit candles. As you see in the picture below, the aisles of the Cave Creek Chapel are simply beautiful when the chapel coordinator strategically places the candles at the end of each chapel pew. The best part about the led candles is Cave Creek Chapel can provide them at a low additional fee, set up, and take down once your guests leave - you don’t have to worry about a thing. (Talk to Maggie about this additional chapel service for more information: 480-658-0182). 

  4. Incorporate your family in the wedding ceremony. There is almost always a sacred heirloom in a family tree that is passed down to children and grandchildren as they get married, and if there isn’t why not start the tradition now! Ask married couples, your parents or grandparents, in your family sign a sacred book, and you’ll add your names during the ceremony. This time can take the place of the traditional sand ceremony.

  5. Interact with the your guests during the wedding ceremony. A new tradition is taking over wedding ceremonies across the country, couples have been asking their guests to join in on the vows. After the couple makes their promises to each other, the officiant addresses the wedding guests and reads the following:“Now that you, beloved friends and family of the couple (names), have heard them recite their vows, do you promise, from this day forward, to encourage them and love them, to give them your guidance, and to support them in being steadfast in the promised that they have made?” The guests then reply: “We do!” This is such a beautiful way to incorporate your guests in the ceremony in such a meaningful way.

  6. Communal Blessing of the Rings. During many religious ceremonies, the officiant typically says a blessing over the rings before the couple exchanges them. But if you’re not having a religious wedding ceremony, consider having your family and loved ones bless your rings. This is the perfect interactive wedding ceremony for smaller sized weddings.

Contact the Cave Creek Chapel to create the most intimate, meaningful wedding ceremony that will give you memories for a lifetime.


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