Holiday Engagements

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Holiday engagements are the best! Your friends and family are in town to witness the romantic affair, all your loved ones are first to know, and it makes everyone’s favorite time of the year becomes even more joyous.

There is nothing better than a Holiday engagement, except for the fact that you’re not the only one. The Holidays are one of the most common times of the year to get engaged in the United States. To help make your engagement the most memorable for you and your family; here a few things to consider. Remember, during the Holidays the most crucial time is after the proposal is over and your family heads home!


  • Wedding venues will book, fast. Almost immediately after the Holidays are over and office hours are back to normal, brides to be will begin flooding the phones and the calendar dates. Brides, be sure you start doing your homework soon to reserve your perfect date before it’s taken!


  • You no longer just receive Holiday gifts for yourself. Prepare to start receiving Christmas gifts for you and your future hubby! This can be a fun thing for most people, but some love receiving their own presents. Begin thinking ahead and ask your loved ones for items that you will have to buy in the future.


  • Your social media feed will be flooded with proposal pictures. You may see many other couples getting engaged the same week, or day, that you were proposed to. If you have a social media reputation to maintain then be sure to get many photos the day of your engagement that are creative and one of a kind! Don’t be afraid to flaunt the romantic proposal that you and your spouse experienced!


  • You get what you pay for! Once your big engagement day has past and you begin planning details of your wedding, don’t be stingy. Always remember: “you get what you pay for”. Countless times we have seen brides hire the cheapest of wedding flowers or wedding minister for the ceremony, and their big day turns into a nightmare. Luckily for you, the Cave Creek Chapel provides a list of highly recommended vendors. Just always be sure to look into reviews before you make any big decisions.


Whether you’re a bridezilla or not, always remember how fortunate you are to have such a meaningful Holiday engagement. An engagement surrounded by your friends, family, and loved ones will be a moment you will never forget.