Top 4 Tips that the Cave Creek Chapel Can Give, from Experience

At the Cave Creek Chapel, we have seen it all. This is why we have taken a few moments to write down four top priority things that brides should take into consideration before their big day! Read the words written by Maggie and Tatum, and apply them to your wedding planning.


1. Take your time shopping for your perfect wedding dress.

Brides, remember that it takes about 6 to 12 months from the moment you place the order to when you can take the gown home. Once your dress comes in, it will need to be altered, and tailored. Take your time finding the right dress, but make sure you give yourself that time during the wedding planning process to avoid stressing out!

2. Focus on how the dress fits you, not the size on the tag.

Find a dress that fits your body now, and do not stress about ordering a size you “think” you will be on your wedding date.  Sometimes brides have a goal weight they want to drop and it can be unrealistic.  Order the dress size you are now, start your bridal boot camp diet if you choose and then have the dress altered as you get closer to the date.  It is a lot easier to have a dress taken in, and some dresses may have special fabric that could take months to order if it needs to be taken out.  The Chapel has never seen a bride with a poor fitting dress (knock on wood), take our advice, you won’t regret it.

3. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again - and again; Do your research, ladies!

Before you make an appointment with a bridal boutique (or venue,florist, etc.) , take your time, ask for recommendations of where to start and read the reviews.  Come prepared and research your favorite styles, designers from magazines, Pinterest boards, and Instagram.  This will help the dress consultant show and recommend dresses for you to try on.  Brides, your resources are endless, take advantage and ask the Chapel for a list of recommended vendors to help plan your perfect day!

4. Pack an emergency bridal kit

Before your big day, prepare an emergency bridal kit for any situation that may occur.  Have a bag of extra undergarments, toiletries, hair products, and snacks. I will never forget a bride’s fake eyelash was falling off, and no one had emergency eye lash glue.  ALWAYS prepare for the “just in case” moments

Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Planning

Winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, the New Year, the start of Spring; engagements are in the air. The question was asked, you said yes; now the wedding planning craziness begins! Here are a few do’s and don’t for the 2017 wedding season.


  1. DO plan a practical wedding.
    Clear your mind of past weddings you have attended, and what loved ones expect of you. What do you and your hubby want? Before committing to any vendor, theme or flavor cake; create a budget, do your research and always have a vendor back up plan!

  2. DON’T plan your wedding around others’ availability.
    Of course you want to make sure particular immediate family members are able to attend (parents, siblings, children), but don’t stress over any calendar but your own. You can not plan your calendar around the calendars of your friends and distant relatives. Once your perfect day has been decided; it’s not your responsibility to make sure it’s your guests perfect day too.

  3. DO create a theme, and stick to it.
    Creating a color scheme, or a wedding theme is a good way to stay on track. Once you start shopping vendors, flowers, and decor, everything will look perfect! Make sure you stick to your theme to keep all decor flowing elegantly.

  4. DON’T be cheap.
    DIY projects are super fun, but also super dangerous. Too much time and money can’t be spent in a project that turns out plain ugly. It’s okay to admit that you can’t do everything (and you’re not that creative), and pay someone to do it for you!

  5. DO ask for help.
    When someone graciously offers to help, come up with some very specific detail they're well-equipped to handle. You know them, and their abilities, so plan accordingly.

  6. DON’T waste too much money on party favors.
    Party favors are a great way to thank guests for attending your wedding. We recommend talking to your caterer about creating light desserts individually wrapped to pass out after your reception. This is a fun, and inexpensive, gesture to say thank you!

    It’s your party; you can cry laugh, and dance if you want to! And remember, as long as you're married at the end of the night, your wedding was a success.

Holiday Engagements

winter wedding arizona

Holiday engagements are the best! Your friends and family are in town to witness the romantic affair, all your loved ones are first to know, and it makes everyone’s favorite time of the year becomes even more joyous.

There is nothing better than a Holiday engagement, except for the fact that you’re not the only one. The Holidays are one of the most common times of the year to get engaged in the United States. To help make your engagement the most memorable for you and your family; here a few things to consider. Remember, during the Holidays the most crucial time is after the proposal is over and your family heads home!


  • Wedding venues will book, fast. Almost immediately after the Holidays are over and office hours are back to normal, brides to be will begin flooding the phones and the calendar dates. Brides, be sure you start doing your homework soon to reserve your perfect date before it’s taken!


  • You no longer just receive Holiday gifts for yourself. Prepare to start receiving Christmas gifts for you and your future hubby! This can be a fun thing for most people, but some love receiving their own presents. Begin thinking ahead and ask your loved ones for items that you will have to buy in the future.


  • Your social media feed will be flooded with proposal pictures. You may see many other couples getting engaged the same week, or day, that you were proposed to. If you have a social media reputation to maintain then be sure to get many photos the day of your engagement that are creative and one of a kind! Don’t be afraid to flaunt the romantic proposal that you and your spouse experienced!


  • You get what you pay for! Once your big engagement day has past and you begin planning details of your wedding, don’t be stingy. Always remember: “you get what you pay for”. Countless times we have seen brides hire the cheapest of wedding flowers or wedding minister for the ceremony, and their big day turns into a nightmare. Luckily for you, the Cave Creek Chapel provides a list of highly recommended vendors. Just always be sure to look into reviews before you make any big decisions.


Whether you’re a bridezilla or not, always remember how fortunate you are to have such a meaningful Holiday engagement. An engagement surrounded by your friends, family, and loved ones will be a moment you will never forget.

Six Things a Bride Can Do to Create a Meaningful Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding day is filled with many significant moments, but the wedding ceremony is the pinnacle of the entire celebration. Whether you're having a religious or secular service, your wedding ceremony is your chance to express who you are as a couple; here are a few tips to creating a more meaningful wedding ceremony:

  1. Include your love story. A wedding ceremony is an intimate time where a couple and their guests are united during such a special event. Incorporating your love story will be the highlight of your ceremony. Talk with your minister or officiant about custom tailoring the wedding ceremony to include your silly or sappy love story.

  2. Love sealed time capsule. Writing letters isn't just for guests who can't attend the wedding; you can also invite any guest attending to write you a note that'll be read on your first anniversary. The letters can include well wishes, advice for married life, favorite memories of you two together, or anything else they’d like to include. This is a very fun idea for you and your guests!

  3. Set the mood with aisles lined with led candles. The most intimate and elegant decor you can add to your wedding ceremony are lit candles. As you see in the picture below, the aisles of the Cave Creek Chapel are simply beautiful when the chapel coordinator strategically places the candles at the end of each chapel pew. The best part about the led candles is Cave Creek Chapel can provide them at a low additional fee, set up, and take down once your guests leave - you don’t have to worry about a thing. (Talk to Maggie about this additional chapel service for more information: 480-658-0182). 

  4. Incorporate your family in the wedding ceremony. There is almost always a sacred heirloom in a family tree that is passed down to children and grandchildren as they get married, and if there isn’t why not start the tradition now! Ask married couples, your parents or grandparents, in your family sign a sacred book, and you’ll add your names during the ceremony. This time can take the place of the traditional sand ceremony.

  5. Interact with the your guests during the wedding ceremony. A new tradition is taking over wedding ceremonies across the country, couples have been asking their guests to join in on the vows. After the couple makes their promises to each other, the officiant addresses the wedding guests and reads the following:“Now that you, beloved friends and family of the couple (names), have heard them recite their vows, do you promise, from this day forward, to encourage them and love them, to give them your guidance, and to support them in being steadfast in the promised that they have made?” The guests then reply: “We do!” This is such a beautiful way to incorporate your guests in the ceremony in such a meaningful way.

  6. Communal Blessing of the Rings. During many religious ceremonies, the officiant typically says a blessing over the rings before the couple exchanges them. But if you’re not having a religious wedding ceremony, consider having your family and loved ones bless your rings. This is the perfect interactive wedding ceremony for smaller sized weddings.

Contact the Cave Creek Chapel to create the most intimate, meaningful wedding ceremony that will give you memories for a lifetime.


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15 Wedding Tips from Real Brides!

Hours on top of hours of hard work and planning may have been put into your wedding but at the end of the day, there’s always the thought,

I wish someone had told me…

Here are a few tips & tricks brides say will make a world of difference on your big day.


  1. Wake up refreshed and give yourself time to get ready. Go to bed early, you need you beauty sleep! Then give yourself time to get ready on the morning of your wedding day. You want to be able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids, not stress over whether you’ll finish in time.

  2. Have a heart-to-heart with the groomsmen. It may be wise to set aside a few minutes to discuss what is and is not appropriate behavior. Chances are you didn’t have a large influence while choosing groomsmen, and you may have a few wild cards in the group!
    Cough cough, no body shots off of grandma, gentlemen!

  3. Stay away from bridal magazines and TV shows: These sources of information represent fantasy weddings that are very expensive. Items and decorations you didn’t even knew existed will appear before you and will destroy your bank account.

  4. Before you walk down the aisle, GET LOOSE. Do some stretches and practice a few breathing techniques. Anything to calm your nerves!

  5. Ask and you might receive. From wedding planning to the big day, if you need something ask politely. You’ll be surprised how many vendors, guests, and family members have a heart of gold and will help you in any way they can!

  6. Register, but don't register for it all! Yes, your wedding registry is a in essence a list of all the free stuff you’re bound to receive, but it is important to prioritize. As you weave through the aisles of Target, Crate & Barrel, and Dillard's… Keep in mind: Quality over quantity.

  7. Keep family on the guest list. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and can bring out the worst in a woman. It is probably best to assign your family members to small projects and hire the professionals for everything else. Better safe than sorry, ladies!

  8. Get a bathroom plan! Using the facilities in a wedding dress ain't easy, and you don't know who your true friends are until you tinkle on their legs and they still manage to hold your dress up for you. That's true friendship. Here's the best tip I ever received: pee facing the toilet. Better accuracy, zero sprinklage, and no one has to dance around with pee-pee on their bridesmaid shoes.

  9. Multiple photographers! Your favorite pictures from your special day may not be the ones that you posed for. Hire two or three photographers to wander around the reception to catch fun moments!


  10. Dance your booty off. Go ahead and bust out the na-na, the whip-it move, and that boots with the fur dance. (Or something). Point is! You’re married now, so who do you have to impress?! All those photographers you hired will snap some pretty hilarious shots that you’ll be able to share with friends and family forever!

  11. Go get your grub on. More than likely you'll have absolutely no time to eat any food, and you will be starving when you get back to the hotel at the end of the night. No shame in excusing yourself from guests to make a plate. Besides, you didn’t go through the agony of taste-testing multiple entrees to not enjoy it yourself!

  12. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember to take deep breathes and enjoy this moment with your loved ones. No one is going to remember how much effort you put into flower bouquets on each table, or the fact that you spilled your iced caramel macchiato on the corner of your crimson white dress. So chill out!

  13. Don’t neglect your hubby. You will find yourself making rounds all night to please your guests. Remember what this day is about and enjoy it with the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

  14. Fake it till ya make it. Whether you are beyond stressed, nervous or sick; guests expect this to be the happiest day of their life just as much as it’s yours so don’t let them down.

  15. Say thank you. Simple as that. At the end of the evening, give a thank you toast with your man. Toast your wedding party, family, and your vendors! Make sure no one in the room goes unappreciated!


Start planning your special day at The Cave Creek Chapel in Cave Creek, Arizona today!

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Top 8 Stress-Free Tips For Brides

There is a lot of wedding advice being thrown around, from cutsie blogs to elegant magazines. Here are a few must have tips that will help brides pull of a stress-free wedding!


  1. Mother Earth does not like to be ignored. Take notice to the weather on your special day. Guests have been known to skip out early from a hotter-than-hot summer wedding, especially in Arizona. And if you decide to have a sunset wedding, take a look at and make sure you know when the perfect time is to say your vows.

  2. Vendors always know best. Good vendors tend to have connection to other good vendors, take note. Who knows, maybe they will be able to pull some money-saving strings for you?

  3. “Freelance photographers”. Assign a few people at your wedding to take as many pictures as they can! The photographer you have hired for your special day will take gorgeous shots, but it’s always fun to have crazy (out of focus) pictures to laugh at later.

  4. Face it, you’re not the D.I.Y. kind of chick. Examine your own abilities with a critical eye. (Just because another woman has done it themselves, doesn’t always mean you can too.) Think to yourself before committing to a D.I.Y. project, “Is this worth my time?”. If not, pay someone who is artistic to do it for you.

  5. Being a focused and organized bride doesn’t mean you’re a bridezilla. Take advantage of those old school supplies laying around the house! Use a three-ring binder to keep records of vendors, vendor meetings, and photos or tear sheets from magazines. You may also look into setting up a special email address dedicated to your wedding, this way you won’t miss a memo!

  6. Sometimes tardiness does pay off. Last-minute planning is frowned upon in our culture, but sometimes it can work in your favor. The closer your date, the more you will be able to bargain! Most brides book their wedding vendors months in advance, calling for open dates one to two months prior to your date can save you money.

  7. Prepare for heartache. Keep in mind, almost 30 percent of the people you invite to your special day will not attend. Many factors are involved, depending on the location of your wedding, how many of your invitations go to those who live out of town, and the timing of the event.

  8. Don’t write thank you letters. Do you have a large registry? Do not write thank you letters ahead of time. Whether you are thanking them for gifts or for their hard work; until your big day is all over you really can't get your head around who has helped you in ways that really need to be acknowledged more than the toaster you may receive.

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